My apologies for the hiatus.  If this blog were a job, I probably would have been fired by now.  I could make a number of excuses, but would you care?  Probably not, so let’s move on.

We got a new dog!  A puppy, actually, even if she’s an older puppy at 5 months, and practically the size of a horse.


Our Dog Joule



She’s a pure-bred Samoyed, or Sammie for short.  Absolutely beautiful dogs, as you can see.  Most people don’t know them by their name, but recognize the breed as a type of sled dog used in the Arctic.  They were originally bred in Siberia, so they’re made for cold weather and hard work.  She won’t be getting much of either around here, unfortunately, but we’ll find other ways to keep her cool and busy.

We named her Joule, after the standard international unit for energy or work.  Claire wanted to name her Jewel, but that was a little too girly for my tastes, so we compromised with a heterograph of her idea.  Of course, we had no idea that how appropriate Joule would be, since she seems to either be in a state of complete rest or boundless energy, with nothing in between.  Basically, a huge dog that still has the spirit of a puppy.  A dangerous combination.  Yet, we’re managing, and we all love her to bits already.  If nothing else, she’s certainly the most gentle dog I’ve ever known.  She’s playful, but at no point have I once been worried that she would come even close to biting anyone.  I’m not even sure she understands that concept.

So, expect more adventures from Joule to come, I’m sure you haven’t seen the last of her.

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