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So far, NaNoWriMo is going fairly well.  I’m slightly ahead of where my word count needs to be, my plot is beginning to develop, and I’m happy with where the story is going.  Then again, things started off the same way last year, and look where that ended up.  Needless to say, I”m not letting my guard down.

My novel this year is a bit more fantastical than last year.  As I said in the previous post, it’s set in the semi-near future after a world wide post-apocalyptic event.  Here’s the synopsis I have posted on my NaNo profile:


The end of all things has come and gone.

After the Fall, no nation is left unscathed. What is left of the human race marches closer to extinction with each passing day. Worse, a mysterious breed of super-humans rises from the ashes, and they are intent on finishing the job that the plague began. These beings will stop at nothing to wipe the human stain from the face of the Earth.

Yet, there is hope. Legend speaks of a walker in the wilderness, a champion who will lead his people to freedom from their oppression. Micah is heading south when he comes across a band of humans barely clinging to their survival inside of an old abandoned prison. Some believe him to be their savior, while others wonder if he is the enemy. Soon, Micah must decide what it is he believes, and this choice could mean humanity’s salvation or its ultimate annihilation.


I’ll probably tweak that at some point.  It feels awfully generic right now.

In any case, these “supernatural beings” are at the crux of the story.  I’ll talk more about them next week, but here’s a hint.  They aren’t vampires, they aren’t zombies, and they raise the story to a level of biblical proportions.

That’s all to report for now.  Oh, you’d like an excerpt?  I don’t’ have much yet, but here’s a little sample from the Prologue.  Just keep in mind as you read, this seriously first draft type of work.  Don’t judge me too harshly.


Abraham turned the volume down slightly and tried changing the station.  The same alert repeated on each one.  He looked back at the road just in time to see a young mother with a runner’s carriage darting across the street and swerved to miss her.  All around him people swarmed out of their houses and down the sidewalk, packing bags into their cars and rounding up their children.  Abraham lurched as a coughing fit came over him.  He pulled a small handkerchief from his pocket and slumped over the steering wheel as he hacked into the white cloth trimmed with lace around the edges.  Pam had made it for him before they were married.  As he caught his breath and lowered it, he noticed several small flecks of red dotting the otherwise flawless linen.  He stuffed it back into his coat pocket before his son could see.

“Dad?” Micah’s voice trembled.  “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know.  It’s bad, though.  We need to get to your Grandpa’s house.”  Abraham felt in his other pocket for his cell phone and cursed under his breath.  It was still sitting on the counter back at their house.  It was too late to go back.

“Why Grandpa’s?  You heard the man on the radio, he said to stay where you are, right?”

“Yes, but… look, you’re just going to have to trust me, okay?”

“Okay.”  Micah looked out the passenger’s side window at two men fighting on their front lawn over a small gasoline container.  One of them pulled out a long pocket knife, and Micah turned away.  “I’m scared, Dad.”

Abraham turned to look at his son.  He was still so young.  Too young for all this.  He reached over and clasped the boy’s little hand in his own.  “I’m scared too.  We’re going to be okay though, I promise.”

Micah gasped.  “Wait, what about mom?  She’s downtown at the hospital!”

“Don’t worry,” Abraham said, skidding around a corner and just barely missing a little girl riding her bike through the intersection.  “Let’s make it to Grandpa’s first.  Then we’ll go get your mother.”


Thanks, see you back same time next week!

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