The Home Stretch

NaNoWriMo is speeding ahead, faster than I can keep up it seems.  I have still managed to stay on top of my word count, but it feels like I could fall behind at any point.  As of right now, I have ten days left to get to 50,000 words.  Right now, Im at about 35,000.  Bottom line is, I still have a lot to write.

So, not much to discuss today then.  I need to get back to writing.  Before I go though, I leave you with your weekly excerpt.  As usual, keep in mind the super rough first-draft disclaimer.


Bea lied in her top bunk bod and stared at the ceiling, waiting for sleep to come.  Every time she closed her eyes, the image of the Giant appeared before her.  The scene played out in slow-motion: the crosshairs in her rifle’s scope centered over his face, and when she pulled the trigger, the bullet passed into his forehead and then out through the back of his skull.  The last thing she saw before he fell down out of her view were his dead eyes, like two polished glass marbles.  In an instant, she had erased him from existence.

What did it feel like?  One second he was full of life, and the next he was nothing but a dead sack of meat.  So much power in a tiny slug of metal.  Bea opened her hand and a brass casing rolled onto the sheets.  It had held the bullet that she used to take her first life.

She was scared.  It wasn’t that the event had shaken her or that she feared the threat of future attacks.  She was scared because she longed for the opportunity to do it again.


Hopefully, the next update I post here will include a winner’s badge.  Stay tuned to find out!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    so proud of you! Keep it up!

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