The Reviews Are In…

Well, a few of them anyway. You can’t expect a book like Chorus of Dust to be reviewed by the NYT or anything. However, a couple of excellent websites have posted reviews of my first novella, and both are very positive!

First, Peter D. Schwotzer of Literary Mayhem had some great things to say:

The story starts out in the prison Adem is in and from there Adem proceeds to tell Ray his side of the story. Adem tells Ray the tale of his family farm’s curse, and the death  and destruction it has brought his family. Throughout the story it would shift between Adem telling his tale and Ray and Adem sitting in the prison. I though that Justin handled this particularly well and I never felt he lost control of the story with the shifting back and forth. I especially enjoyed how Justin ended the story, just a really great ending.

I very much look forward to Justin’s second book and highly recommend you give “Chorus Of Dust” a try, you won’t be disappointed.

You can check out Peter’s full review right here.

Second, Jassen Bailey of The Crow’s Caw chimed in with his own opinion:

Whenever a new author is published through Delirium Books, I am interested in seeing what is in store for me as a reader. Let me begin by telling you Justin Paul Walter’s CHORUS OF DUST is one heck of a debut. I waited a bit before writing this review to see how I felt about the story after a week or so. I’m glad I did because I think I appreciate it more after letting it settle…

…CHORUS OF DUST on the surface is a story about an evil curse placed on the family’s cotton farm but it’s rooted in the unanswered, faith, and hope. I’m not a huge fan of evil curse stories, but this is a very good story with much to offer.

For the full review, take a look here.

Note, I didn’t know either of these fellows prior to publishing this book, so for them to take the time to read a debut novella by a completely unknown author means a lot to me. Even if their impressions had been totally negative (which thankfully they weren’t), I’m still grateful for their readership and willingness to tell others what they thought about it. You guys are awesome!

Of course, it goes without saying that this applies to everyone who’s bought and read Chorus of Dust so far as well, whether they liked it or not. I don’t do this for the money or the fame or anything like that. I write in the same way people play golf on the weekends, or tinker with cars in their garage. It relaxes me and helps me unwind, and it’s something I’m passionate about despite the fact that I’ll probably never make a real living at it. All I want is to create something that people will enjoy reading, and even if only a handful of you took some measure of entertainment from my book, then that makes it all worth it.

Thank you!

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