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Want to read some of the best short horror fiction on the market today? Want to read it for FREE? Then you’re in luck! This week only, Shock Totem is offering up their first five issues in e-book format from the Amazon Kindle store for the low low cost of nothing! Time is limited however, so hurry up and get in on this.

Head on over to Shock Totem’s website to find out more.

I’m a little late here spreading the word, so unfortunately it means if this is the first time you’re hearing about this promotion then you’ve already missed the first issue. However, you can still get Issues 2-5 between now and Saturday if you get a move on.

Of course, I’d love for you to pick up Issue #4 on Thursday or Friday in particular, where you can read my short story-in-verse, Lobo. However, that’s far from the only reason you should pick all of these up. I’ve read through all the first five issues and the holiday issue, and the quality of fiction in this magazine is absolutely through the roof. I was a big fan of Shock Totem before I even thought about submitting there. There are some amazing stories here, from the likes of John Skipp, Kurt Newton, Lee Thompson, and many others. Basically, I probably shouldn’t even be in the same company as these fine writers, but there you go.

And while you’re there, you really should support them by actually putting down a little scratch and picking up the brand new Issue #6. I haven’t done so myself yet, but fully intend to soon, and I’ve heard it may be the best issue yet.

Shock Totem 6













So what are you waiting for? They won’t stay free forever. Get going!

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  1. Ken Wood says:

    Don’t kid yourself, Justin. I read Chorus of Dust. You belong right alongside those guys! =)

    Thanks for the post.


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