Justin Paul Walters lives near Houston with his incredible wife, three beautiful little girls, and a half-crazy terrier.  Though he loves to read and write, he works as a mild-mannered Engineer  during the day to pay the bills.  So far, he’s managed not to electrocute himself.




Justin is a fledgling writer, with hopes that he can someday stop working long enough to actually finish a novel.  He has written several short stories and novellas.  This site is meant to feature some of that work, to promote any upcoming publications, and to serve as an outlet for whatever else spews out of his tiny brain.

If you’d like to contact Justin, you can send an email to justinpaulwalters [at] gmail [dot] com.  You can also leave a comment below with your email address, or you can stop by his Facebook and Twitter pages, linked at the top right-hand side of this site.  Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Corey Coggins says:

    Not following me on twitter so I can’t send you a message, but any change on a Google+ invite? Thanks, love the pic of the puppy btw :)

  2. I’m not? We’ll have to fix that.

    Oh, and invite sent.

  3. andy says:

    Where can we see these bones of nephilim in person?

    It is fascinating….Andy

  4. Ginger Helm says:

    Hi Justin – love your site! You’d be a great fit for an upcoming article I’m doing with IET Labs. The focus is electrical engineers. Let me know if you’re interested and we’ll chat more.
    Thanks – Ginger

  5. Don says:

    Just curious as to why you give no rebuttals (except a simple “I need proof for Creation) after several Christians have disproven your antichristian diatribes?

    P.S. Science proves that the most Intelligent design is all around you cant be engineered by man or his institutionalized religion (evolution).


    • Don, I appreciate all the various comments you’ve made, seems like you’ve spend a lot of time making your cases. That said, I don’t think either of us are going to change the other’s mind simply be debating. I’m quite familiar with the Bible and claims of Christianity (I was a Christian for 3 decades after all), and all of the scientific facts are out there for you to find if you are willing. There’s not much sense in us bashing that out here.

      That said, I will ask you a few simple questions.

      1) How do you know your claims are correct?

      2) If you were suffering from a delusion, how would you know?

      3) Hypothetically, what evidence would make you re-evaluate if your beliefs are true?

      I can answer all three of these, and will, but first I’d really like to hear your take on them.

  6. Don says:

    1. Again, your your whole blog on “becoming an Atheist” is based on what you thought the Bible says but I proved that you do not actually know what it says. However, you totally changed the goal post on that page

    2. Delusions seem the earthly norm but with a some work I know what is least delusional. Delusion is defined as a false and irrational conviction based on self deception, denial of facts, enabling, ego, splitting, narcissism, the unconscious, etc. and is often shared and communicable, especially among cults, bullies, teams, governments, etc..

    To be frank, your delusions are very typical of a cult follower in that you request for us to ignore both science and the Bible and instead try to focus on the three ad hominems. Likewise, throughout time aristocrats of these cults typically held delusional forms of evolutionism and Inquisitions that usually correlated with the sacrifice of the so called lower class for the so called betterment of society. For example, the abortion industry, African slave trade, eugenics movement, genocides, etc.. have traditionally been justified by delusional atheistic racist pseudoscience (see Earst Haekel, Darwinism, etc..etc..).

    3. Likewise, its delusional to say that living beings are a product of random mutations not intelligently designed. Laboratories and billions of tax dollars have repeatedly tried to prove the opposite but in reality they continually prove evolutionism and atheism false religions.

    Our schools have done the same to prove the Bible wrong too but repeatedly fail millions of times.

  7. Don says:

    Oops and if you can some how show that I’m wrong on # 3, I’ll reevaluate my beliefs

    • So just to be clear, if you were provided sufficient evidence that living beings as they exist today are a product of the dual mechanisms of natural selection and random mutation, that would make you reevaluate your beliefs? Note, I’m not saying those can provide information into the ultimate origin of life or abiogenesis, which is a completely different topic than evolution. I just want to make sure you aren’t confusing the two. You called out evolution specifically, and if solid evidence of evolution is all you need, we can certainly go down that path.

  8. Don says:

    Well since you said Dawkins inspired your new found faith, I was probably unconsciously challenging you to debate me on this one topic. However, what would probably shake my faith the most would be some proof that the Bible is untrue.

    Basically though it would have to be a combination of the later and proof that mutations can cause something like bacteria to become something other than bacteria or fruit flies to become something other than fruit flies. That said, we know that random mutations only cause defects, which even includes the one special case were the diet of some toxin bacteria became more varied after an induced mutation caused it to lose a digestive enzyme.

  9. Don says:

    I meant to say some toxin-eating bacteria

  10. Don says:

    Oh and by the way, the tenets of evolutionism’s primordial soup doctrines do claim rocks mutated into a critter.

    • The fact that you would make such a claim tells me you have very little understanding of what evolution is and how it works. I don’t see us getting anywhere with this conversation until you can educate yourself a little bit, so I’d encourage you to do so.

      • Don says:

        Hmm first you insisted that we not discuss either Evolution or the Bible but how ironic that an evolutionist ego now equates my not conforming with the government status quo with not worthy of conversation.

  11. Don says:

    Actually, soups do usually involve extractions from solids and in the primordial soup story mother nature uses a lightening bolt to boil meteorites, iron, nickel, etc.. into our common ancestor.

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