Halfway There

We’re quickly nearing the end of week two of this exercise in masochism known as NaNoWriMo.  I’m getting to that point where it feels like nothing is happening and I’d love to just throw in the towel.  It feels like just about everything I’ve written so far has been background and boring dialogue, and I’d probably feel great if I moved it to the trash folder and never looked at it again.

That said, I press on.  The good news is that, according to my outline anyway, good things are coming.  A big turning point is about to happen in the story that will move us into Act Two, and I’m really looking forward to being there.  I think week three will be a good one.  Overall, as of right now I’m sitting at about 21,500 words.  Ahead of par, but just barely.  I still can’t afford to fall behind, so the next few days will be essential in terms of not falling behind.

Last time I gave a quick synopsis of the novel, and I’d like to talk about that a bit more right now.  I mentioned that one of the main aspects of the story are these supernatural beings that start showing up after a worldwide plague.  In the events that have happened over the last week, it’s revealed in the story that these beings are the ancient hybrids of angel and man spoken of in the Old Testament – the Nephilim.  For those who aren’t aware, Genesis 6 speaks about how a group of Angels came down to earth and took human wives, and their offspring began to inhabit the ancient world.  It’s assumed that one of the reasons for the great flood was to wipe these things off the face of the earth.  They were an abomination, going against God’s will and plan for humanity, and so they were destroyed in the flood.  End of story, right?



Not quite.  The nephilim are mentioned again in Numbers, when Moses sent out several men to scout out the land of Canaan.  They returned and claimed they saw the Nephilim there.  The question is, how did they come to inhabit the world once again after the flood?  The Bible never really explains that part.  There are plenty of theories, but all we know is that they were there.  This actually confirms the original passage in Genesis, which says that there were “Giants on the earth in those days, and also after that.”  The “after that” part is very intriguing, as the time period being referenced is the antediluvian period before the great flood.  So in essence, it acknowledges that they existed again later on, after the flood.  Crazy huh?

Now, it’s widely believed that, just as the flood was meant to wipe the Nephilim from the earth, Joshua and his army were charged with killing the inhabitants of the promised land for the same purpose.  The question is, did they succeed?  Again, the Bible gives hints to this answer here and there, but never explicitly says so one way or another.  Many speculate that the descendants of the Nephilim may have lived for many generations after that.  Some say that Goliath, for example, could have been one of them.  Perhaps even the Greek myths of the Titans were based on these creatures, or the figures from Norse mythology, or any other number of cultural legends.  In the end though, we don’t really know, nor do we know what ultimately happened to them.


In my story, this thought is taken one step further.  What if the Nephilim still lived today?  What if they’re among us, hidden in plain sight, waiting for their chance to regain dominance over the human species?  A worldwide plague, one that their unique gene structure may be immune to, would be a perfect catalyst for this to happen.   This concept is where my story begins.

Now of course the question is, do I actually believe that these things are still alive today?  No, I don’t.  Remember, this is a Fantasy novel.  I’m not writing it to pose a theory or claim that this is what could actually happen.  It’s meant to tell a good story and maybe strike a theme with someone in the process.  We don’t actually believe that a magical world of Centaurs and talking Lions exists inside a wardrobe, but that doesn’t stop us from reading and enjoying C.S. Lewis’ most well-loved series.

I would hope I don’t have to make that point explicit, but you never know these days.  It’s a fascinating subject, which is why I wanted to write a story around it, but I certainly do not claim for it to be truth.  Far from it.  The Bible says very little about these creatures, and some today don’t even believe the passage was talking about Angels in the first place.  Point being, I’m no expert.  Nobody is.  It’s fantasy, don’t read into it more than that.

Okay, now that the disclaimer is out of the way, how about another excerpt?  Remember, this is rough first-draft type work, so please don’t hold it against me.


“Leave us,” Oshurel said.  Within seconds, the room cleared out.  Oshurel stood, and Korin marveled at his stature.  Even for one of the Ancient, Oshurel was a titan among them. He walked around to the other side of the desk, limping on his one good leg the entire way.  Korin turned his eyes away, not wanting to acknowledge the impediment.

Oshurel tapped the thigh of his bad leg with an open palm.  “You know, sometimes I think it is getting better.  I will wake up and convince myself that it no longer hurts.  Then I come to my senses and accept the truth.  It is not healing, and it never will. I have simply forgotten what two working legs felt like in the first place.”

“Father-“ Korin began, but Oshurel held up a hand.

“I understand why you killed him.  There was a time when I may have even done the same.  But Korin, you must learn to control this anger inside of you.  You have lived with it for so long now that it has become a part of you.  Can you even remember what it is like to feel anything but rage?”  Korin said nothing, and Oshurel hobbled over closer to him.  “We have been given a gift.  Our ancestors were washed away in the great flood, and upon their graves, humanity flourished.  Now we have been given a second chance.  No longer must we hide ourselves away.  No longer must we bow in submission.”

“If that is so, then why do we hide in this city like scared children?  Why don’t we take the fight to them?”

Oshurel turned around and limped back to the other side of the desk.  “You know that is not our way, Korin.  Each of us contains a spark of the divine.  We are Gods unto ourselves, and no God can have authority over another.  You may have those who believe in you and rally to your cause, but in the end, all of us are free to make our own choices.  It is who we are.”

“Do I not submit to you, Father?”

“Only because you choose to.”  Oshurel sat down again.  “Look around you.  Humanity is defeated.  We can do with them as we wish.”

“What I wish,” Korin said through clenched teeth, “is to destroy them.  Every last one.  Beginning with the walker.”


As always, thanks for reading.  Until next week!