Go Texans!

This weekend has been just great.



First off, the Texans won yesterday, and Jennifer and I got to go to the game! It was pretty amazing just being at the Texans’ first playoff game, and it was even better seeing them beat Cincinnati to move on to the next round. Next week in Baltimore will be tough, but we believe!

As icing on the cake, we were all treated to an extra helping of Tebow-time in the Broncos-Steelers game today. He needed the big play in overtime, and sure enough, he delivered with a bomb down the sideline on the first play to secure the win. Look, he’s even made believers out of these guys.




Anyway, here’s hoping for another great weekend of football next weekend. ¬†For the record, I’m calling it now:


Houston vs Denver for the AFC Championship


You heard it here first.